Friday, July 15, 2011

Most Recent Development....

Ok... so when you go to school to get a degree in something, the whole idea is that one day you will actually get a job doing that thing you studied right? I know... it's not that complicated of a concept, and yet when all is said is done... it doesn't ever turn out to be that simple of a process.  While sparing all the nitty gritty details about all of my jobs and thought processes over the last 5 years, let me just jump to the conclusion which is... I'm finally going to be working in the job that I've dreamed about and spent years trying to train for!

I am moving in a 2 weeks back to New Mexico to be the new orchestra director at Mayfield High School. So if you don't know the history already here it is... I actually went to Mayfield High School and was in the orchestra program there all four years under the direction of Kathy Dollahon.  That means I left the school as a student in spring 2003... Kathy always joked about me coming back to teach at Mayfield when she retired, but that seemed like something that was so far off in the distance that it really didn't even seem like a real possibility... I mean how would I know that I wouldn't already be married, or living in a different state, or working in another school... the list of factors was endless.

 Even when I found out she was retiring early in the year, I really didn't think that it was going to be feasible for me to apply and take the job.  I am half-way through my master's program and I love my life here in Utah. For a little while it didn't even look like the job was going to post either because the district is currently in a hiring freeze. I have been in life decision limbo for the last several months and it has been kind of crazy, but I do think that a lot of growth can happen during times of uncertainty.

After my application was turned in, there were four of us that were invited to come and interview.  The other applicants all had very impressive resumes and in most instances, a ton more experience. Fast forward even further... (I am leaving out a ton of details)... when I found out that I got the job, not only need it feel right to accept the position, but it seemed even sillier not to.  This means I start teaching in the middle of August and will be finishing up my master's program over the next couple of summers.
My Faculty Staff Badge

 In case you were wondering, will be moving in with my parents and will be sharing a room with my 11 year old sister for the next couple of months while I figure out what to do for a more permanent housing. So yup... that's my life update.
My bedroom for the next little bit... little sister and all :) My bed is the one on the left. 

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