Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let me just quickly clarify... life is not always a bed of roses

Alright. Here's the deal.  I finally wrote my semester summary on Sunday talking about all of the things going on in my life... it was filled with lots of really great exciting things that fill my life right now... school, work, trips... but just so I'm not being completely deceitful here... here's the rest of the story:

  • Deers hit in my new car? - 1
  • Car accidents in my new car? - 2, but they both happened within 15 minutes of each other.  And for the record they weren't my fault
  • Times my car was booted?- 1
  • Times my car was impounded?- 2
  • Hours I spent late nights in the library?- too many to count
  • Number of assignments I did not procrastinate on?- none of them that I know of
  • Number of credits taken this semester?- 18... not very wise to do as a grad student
  • Number of life changing decisions that I had to make?- currently in that process and I'm not a fan
     Here's an example of a normal Lindsey-type crisis... So just this last Monday night... even though finals were done the Thursday before, I still had one last research paper to write.  I was so grateful for the extension on the paper that our professor gave us, but after enjoying a beautiful Easter weekend with the family, I left myself only 2 days to complete the research paper.  But since I knew the library was open both Monday and Tuesday night till midnight, I figured it wouldn't be a problem.  So Monday I go to work till 5 like any other day, go get an ice cream cone from McDonald's to help motivate me (naturally) and head back to campus. By the time I park my car and walk to the library it is 5:50pm. I walk through the front doors to hear music blasting through the speakers, which only can mean one thing... the library is closing! I turn to look at the door, and sure enough there was a notice posted that the library would be closing early due to the in between semester break.  I don't even know what to do! I run to a computer knowing that if I didn't at least check out books and start my paper that night, there would be no way to survive.  My chosen topic was on the historical background of Shostakovitch's Symphony no 10.  I notice that all the books for Shostakovitch are in German.  I don't read German. Next plan... change topic quickly... and... Stravinsky! Didn't exactly what particular aspect I would research about Stravinsky yet, but I knew I needed to grab books and grab books fast! Ten books on Stravinsky... check.  Arms full. I notice it's pouring rain out! Didn't even matter. The library was closing in approximately two minutes.  I finally get to my car now wet and frustrated.  As I set the books on my car and dig through my purse for my car keys I realize they are not there. Oh no, the Library!!! I leave the books just sitting on the top of my car (no worries about the rain though because I parked in the parking garage) and run back to the library.  It's sealed shut! I knock on the door.  I can see a security guard off in the distance but he neither hears nor notices me.  I can my bff to ask advise.  She suggests the police office to get let back in. I hang up the phone.  Just then a kid walks out of the library.  I snatch the door before it closes.  The kid set off the alarm so I security guard is now running after him.  It didn't matter though, I was in the building.  The other security guard let me back upstairs. I luckily found my keys and returned home.  When arriving home to work on my paper however, I do realize that 2 of the books I grabbed on Stravinsky were also in German (I was just too rushed to think about checking the languages). I also discover that my internet is out in my apartment.  I know I needed to research online some more just to help give my paper direction and to help me pick a topic.... Thank goodness for bff's though.  I was able to drive 35 mins to Britt's parents home in Pleasant Grove where she was staying the night and I was able to use their internet.  It was 10:30pm when I finally got there.  My paper wasn't even started yet.  Rest of the story in a nutshell is... Monday night all I accomplished was picking the topic and knowing what direction to take my paper. The good news is... after long hours in the library all night Tuesday and all morning Wednesday, I did get the paper turned in.... and it was mostly done :)  The end. 

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